Pro-Skincare for Teens

At Zorgvliet Spa we are passionate about skincare. We preach the holy trinity of cleanse, tone, and moisturise. And on occasion a mask or exfoliating enzyme. We try to instill in our clients a culture of skin care as opposed to make-up to cover up. Nothing in life is more self-esteem boosting than a perfect completion. But do our Teens know how to take good care of their skin? Teach them the correct way to glowing, clear skin with Zorgvliet Spa and TheraVine’s Pro-Youth Skincare Line. Pro-Youth’s believe that beautiful skin involves maintenance, repair, and prevention. This has informed their skincare philosophy of Cleanse, Hydrate, and Purify. Pro-Youth has developed specific products that encompass their skincare philosophy. Cleanse involves a Gentle Foaming Wash, Balancing Mist (toner) and Exfoliating Skin Glow. These products will ensure your Teen’s skin is clean and free of dead skin. Hydrate is a step to replace any moisture lost while cleansing as well as feeding the skin with nutrients. The products to be used in this step are: Hydro-Matte Day Cream and Night Cream, Hydro-Cool Eye Gel, and Hydro-Moist Cream Mask. Purify is the step for targeting and destroying blemishes and preventing their return. These products are filled with actives that will do just that: Quick Fix Cooling SebuVine Mask, AcniVine Mattifying Gel, and SebuVine Mattifying Lotion. Cleanse and Hydrate should be steps followed twice a day, morning and night. While Purify is a step to use as and when is needed to treat or heal problem skin. By following the steps laid out by Pro-Youth your Teen can be confidant in his or her own skin. Zorgvliet Spa makes use of Pro-Youth Products in our Teen Treatments. To purchase Pro-Youth please visit To book a Teen Treatment please call (016) 420 1314 or e-mail   ZS005-JUL14

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