Summer Wedding Ideas

Looking for some Summer Wedding Ideas that will set your celebration apart? We’ve rounded up a few for you:

Give your guests shades

Shades for Guests #SummerWeddingIdeas

Shades for Guests #SummerWeddingIdeas

We can all agree that the blistering sunshine can be annoying when you’re getting married in the summer…keep your guests protected with a pair of sunglasses for the day.


Rose Petal Design

Scatter Rose Petals into a Patterned Design

Scatter Rose Petals into a Patterned Design

Scatter your rose petals into a beautiful design, your very own carpet on the aisle done with nature!


Abandon the Heels

Flip Flops for Dancing

Flip Flops for Dancing

Keep a stash of flip flops ready for when guests in heels start filling the pinch; they’ll thank you for it; especially after a few stops on the dance floor in heels.


Fan Programmes…

Fan Programmes

Fan Programmes

Create wedding programmes that double up as fans so that your guest can keep cool during your weddings ceremony.


Heel stoppers

Heel Stoppers

Heel Stoppers

Get these heel stoppers that help heels from sinking into the grass. This is an ingenious idea for outdoor summer weddings.


Follow our Summer Wedding Ideas Pinterest Board to view many other ideas and pin us your suggestions as well.



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