The Spa Decoded: A Man’s Guide

Long gone is the idea that a spa should be gendered. Zorgvliet Spa welcomes men to indulge in a little self-care with it’s tailor made Men’s Treatment Menu. The spa will assist you in positive grooming and relaxation habits such as facials, manicures, pedicures and massage to look your very best.

Let’s decode some of these treatments to their basic elements so we can better understand what it involves to be a man in the spa.


98a42fe8b92f469c3e4886a4910ac855Facials are a treatment for the face that targets specific issues such as aging, acne or dryness. Facials typically begin with a cleansing or exfoliation followed by a steaming. This allows the skin to be clean and ready to absorb products that will target your concerns. A mask will be applied to the skin and allowed to work its magic. The mask will then be gently removed with warm water. Serums and moisturisers will be massaged into the skin aiding in replacing lost moisture and targeting specific skin issues such as dry skin.


male-pedicureThere is nothing girly about a manicure or pedicure. Please do trust that you won’t leave with pretty pink toenails and smelling of perfume! Manicures and pedicures follow the same treatment steps, manicures being for the hands and pedicures being for the feet. The first step is to soak your feet or hands in warm water. They will then be massaged with an exfoliating scrub which will remove dead skin cells. If there are any stubborn dry skin patches on your heels they will be buffed away with a foot file. The nails will be neatly trimmed and shaped. Feet or hands will then be covered in a mask or gel and this will improve circulation and aid in relaxation. The mask will then be removed, followed by a massage with a hydrating lotion.


hot-stonesMen get massages for two main reasons: sports issues or for relaxation. Zorgvliet Spa’s therapists are trained in both techniques. Sports Massage focuses more on releasing tight stressed muscles, while massage for relaxation focuses more on stress relief and total wellbeing. Don’t be alarmed if your therapist asks if you would prefer Hot Stone or Swedish. This isn’t a joke! Swedish Massage is the classic technique using the hands to massage, while Hot Stone Massage uses warmed stones to manipulate the body for a deeper, more relaxing massage.
There you have it guys. You have no reason to be intimidated by the spa. We hope to see you soon for a relaxing treatment!









To book at Zorgvliet Spa please call (016) 420 1314 for a booking at our Riviera location or (016) 420 2294 for our Maccauvlei on Vaal location.

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