A Piece of Cake…

By Marilie Fouché

Forget about dinner and a show, at Kariba Ranch our group of moms were fortunate enough to receive coffee and a show. A peacock show!

Kariba Ranch, in Glendonald, is much more than just a coffee shop, although I would go back just for another go at their cappuccino and carrot cake. Each serving of sweet indulgence is made just that much sweeter by the beautiful peace and quiet that we enjoyed.


IMG_6036 IMG_6019










Eyeing the generous piece of cake placed in front of me, I considered taking half a slice home to hubby…but it was too delicious and I finished the piece with no problem at all (feeling only slightly guilty afterwards).

Kariba Ranch is the ideal venue for kid’s parties. It has an Animal Farm and Play Area that will keep the little ones occupied for hours. I’ll admit I even got a bit jealous when I spotted the party packs all lined up and ready to go for a lucky birthday girl.

Beyond coffee shop and party venue, Kariba Ranch also offers conference facilities, a gift shop, and various creative studios like Tierlantijn & Scrap, a scrapbooking and craft shop. The little gem has everything you’ll need from patterned paper to punches, eyelets and embossing, die cuts and doodlebugs. If you have no idea what these are (like me) you can join Louise at one of Tierlantijn’s scrapbooking classes and learn all about how to preserve your memories.

Kariba Ranch has it all, the perfect spot for cake, crafts and catching up with friends…what a hard life we lead 😉

IMG_6040 IMG_6041







IMG_6050 IMG_6052










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