Best Hang-out for Moms with Kids ~ Vaal Mommy

If you’re a mother of small children living in the Vaal, you’ll probably know that finding a new spot to entertain the kids can be somewhat, um, challenging… Most restaurants are not very child-friendly, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to have a clear view of your little monsters while they’re tormenting the other kids – especially in today’s time. And I’m not even going to mention being squashed between two other tables, giving your child the opportunity to hang over the seat to meet your childless neighbours and stare at them while they eat. Awkward.

Let’s say no to these age-old establishments claiming to be child friendly because “We’ve got crayons!”, and try something new – you will be forever grateful. I give you… Mma Roo’s!

Child-friendly in every sense, this place was made for kids. With an amazing outdoor play area consisting of numerous jungle gyms and all sorts of stuff to climb on, a paved bicycle and scooter track, large sandpit, swings, slides, seesaw and more. Kids have the option to decorate cupcakes or make their own pizzas while mom – wait for it – RELAXES. Raining or cold outside? No problem, just move your gear to the indoor play area. Mma Roo’s also hosts amazing kids parties, with 10 themes to choose from and a special venue for each of them. Sunday Buffet Lunches are quite a treat, and they also have plenty of child-minders to look after the youngsters.

Mma Roos2 Mma Roos


Where do you ask did we find this piece of Mom heaven? Out on Ravel Road (Stokkiesdraai Rd) in Vanderbijlpark. Do contact them on your next teeth-clenching Saturday at home!


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