Meet our Guest Blogger – Marilie

I’ve been writing stories since I can remember… and since the first time I saw a picture of myself, I knew I belonged behind the camera :-).   If you ask me what I am, I’ll tell you…”I am a storyteller and a memory preservationist”.

In my life, I’ve been a graphic designer, a communications liaison, a guest house manager, a marketing executive, a teacher, a wife and most recently, a mother. But the one thing I’ve never stopped being, is a writer and a photographer.


The love of my life…5 month old Karmi and me

I am a Vaalie born and bred – except for an eight year stint in Potchefstroom, I’ve lived all of my 32 years in the Vaal Triangle. In my eight years in Potchefstroom, I completed a Degree in Business Communication with Graphic Design at NWU, and I also cemented my passion for photography.

I love discovering new places in the Vaal. My mind gives my eyes a high five every time I spot a sign for a new coffee shop or venue. I can’t wait to visit the establishment to discover what friends or function I can bring to its doorstep.

As a wedding photographer I have the opportunity to visit beautiful venues right here in our area, and as a family photographer I constantly seek out unique places to take that perfect shot. I hope to bring these special spots to you, so that you can share in the beauty the Vaal has to offer.

By Marilie Fouchè



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