5 Tips for a Successful Video Conference

pro_videoconference_servicesAs more and more people and companies are making use of video conferencing, why not learn to master it and get the best out of your digital communication. Whether it’s for a job interview, business meeting or talking to important clients, video conferencing is an essential part of communicating over long distances. Here are a few tips for your next video conference.


This includes the position of the camera, microphone and people. It is advisable to include about half a body shot. Should there be more people taking part, the camera will need to be moved back a few feet. Make sure the microphone is placed at the optimal spot for all users. Always take a test view / preview image before the meeting.

Practice makes perfect:

Don’t hold up your boss, colleagues or clients while trying to figure out the system or trying to connect. Take a practice round and get to know the system you’re using. An audio test to see if everyone can hear you is also advisable.

Pay attention:

Pay attention during the meeting. Don’t fidget with your phone (which is on silent) or start private conversations with colleagues on your side of the camera. Remember that this is still a meeting, and you should act professionally, just as you would face to face. Maintain eye contact by looking into the camera.


Avoid wearing bright colours or distracting patterns. Look presentable, just as you would in a face-to-face meeting. Use natural and not exaggerated hand gestures, as this can be distracting. Don’t forget to shave!

Content sharing:

If you need to share content, make sure you have the right application or programme to do this. Make sure your presentation is ready, and test this before you make the call. Email a backup of the content to participants before the meeting.

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