Water: the Way to Super Beauty

Did you know that this week is National Water Week? At Zorgvliet Spa we are all about beauty and wellness. Sometimes the simplest things can give great beauty results. Today we are going to look at ten beauty benefits of drinking water. Hopefully they will inspire you to get your 8 glasses a day.


  1. Do you spend your life slathering on moisturisers, lotions and hydrating potions? Water will moisturise your skin from the inside!
  2. Drinking more water is a great supplement to a healthy diet to promote weight loss as water boosts your metabolism!
  3. Want long luscious locks? Your system needs to be hydrated to grow strong healthy hair.
  4. Did you know that your brain is made up of 73% water? Keeping your brain hydrated is very important for alertness and avoiding tiredness.
  5. Water will help you win the battle of the bloat. More water = flatter tummies ladies.
  6. Want gorgeous sparkling Bambi eyes? Water is for you as it makes your eyes shiny and clear.
  7. Cellulite is the ugly effect of living a toxic lifestyle, but with the help of water your body can flush those toxins away more easily.
  8. Water is tops for good digestions, and good digestion is very important for your health.
  9. Have a headache? Try drinking two full glasses of water and waiting a few minutes. Most headaches are caused by dehydration.
  10. Water boosts your immune system. Studies show that a hydrated body is less susceptible to flu, cancer and heart attacks.

Are you convinced? Drink your way to a more beautiful you. Start today by adding a glass of water when you wake up and right before bed to your routine. Stay happy, healthy and hydrated ladies!


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