Danie & Sanet – Wedding Planning Experience!

We’ve introduced you to Danie and Sanet in our first blog post about the First Official Couple to Get Married at Maccauvlei on Vaal. They’ve shared their Wedding Arrangement stories with us, and today we share their final thoughts, as the couple spend their last day as singles! Here’s what we asked them:

Did Danie enjoy the wedding planning as much as you did?

Actually, Danie is the one who led the pack! He wanted to make everything special for me. Every gift we made for the favours, every centre piece – has his stamp on it. The wedding plans were supposed to be a secret. I wasn’t supposed to know anything, because he wanted to surprise me. But I’m glad we shared this fun experience together!

Who was by your side every step of the way?

Rather, I’d say it was me on his side every step of the way! LOL

Your advice to brides-to-be-…

Don’t be too proud to ask for help. You have a picture in your mind of what your wedding will look like, but sometimes your choices contradict you and your partner’s personalities. And at the end of the day, you are lost amongst all the décor and fancy things, and all your guests are looking for is YOU. Don’t get married in a dress that doesn’t suit you, or force your partner to wear something he is not comfortable with. Just be yourselves. Lastly, enjoy every moment, it passes by so quickly!

We wish this sweet couple all the best for their wedding this weekend, and trust they will enjoy their day at Maccauvlei on Vaal! For more information on weddings, please contact us on res@maccauvleionvaal.co.za.

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