Marvelous Month of Love Massage

A massage does not only aid relaxation and soothe sore muscles; it has a host of other health benefits. From aiding sleep to relieving emotional stress, pain treatment to boosting the immune system – massage does it all. This Month of Love why not treat yourself or your loved one to a relaxing massage?


At Zorgvliet Spa our therapists are skilled in the art of Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage, traditional Swedish Massage techniques and Reflexology. But what does all this mean?

Indian Head Massage is a style of deep massage influenced by Ayurvedic tradition. This form of massage focus on the scalp, neck and shoulders to relieve tension, increase blood flow to the scalp and increase healthy hair growth.

Hot Stone Massage combines the benefits of traditional massage with heat to penetrate muscles deep down and increase the levels of relaxation and tension release. The use of warm stones also improves circulation and calm the nervous system.

Swedish Massage is the most popular type of massage. It combines a variety of massage strokes and is used to promote feelings of well-being and can help to reduce emotional and physical stress.

The benefits of massage can be achieved at home too. If you wish to do an at home massage please keep the following in mind:

  • Never massage ‘naked’ skin, that is skin that is not protected by a layer of oil or lotion
  • Massage the general area before tackling any tough knots. This allows the surrounding muscles to relax which reduces discomfort and makes releasing the knot easier.
  • Begin with light  pressure and progress to deeper pressure
  • Change the contact surface you use every few minutes to avoid fatigue in the hands.
  • Do not massage directly after a heavy meal

Self-massage is particularly useful in the lower back, neck and shoulder and leg regions. For more information on massage strokes have a look at

Although at home massage may be beneficial it is always preferable to make use of a professional masseuse. Why not try Zorgvliet Spa’s signature African Wood Massage at Maccauvlei on Vaal (016 420 2294 for enquiries) or Riviera on Vaals AromaVine™ Pinotage Full Body Massages (016 420 1314 for enquiries).

Still to come this month – a focus on romantic essential oils and how to mix your own signature massage oil.

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