Weirdest Spa Treatments Around the World

How far would you go in the pursuit of beauty? Some spas around the world offer treatments that are beyond bizarre and quite scary actually! Don’t know about you, but we prefer the traditional relaxing oil-and-candle massage, and there’s absolutely nothing relaxing about snakes! Or is there… Here are a few of the weirdest treatments out there:

  • Snake massages! A spa therapist in Israel offers its clients a $70 snake massage, using six non-venomous California and Florida king snakes, slithering up and down your back to help you relieve tension.


  • Extreme bathing ~ Bathing in tea, coffee, red wine and even ramen noodles seems to be quite popular in a hot spring theme park in Japan, as these substances claim to have some benefits for the skin and immune system. Beer bathing can also be done in the Czech Republic.


  • Fishy pedi ~ Get your feet done by a tank full of tiny carp – yes, fish. These tiny toothless flesh-eating fish pick away on the dead skin cells, and is a preparatory treatment before a pedicure in Turkish salons.


  • Snail facials ~ In Japan, organically raised snails are applied to your face, which then move around leaving a gooey trail behind. This process is followed by a massage, mask and snail mucus creams.
    Snail on hand
  • Get slapped pretty! At Face Slapping Natural, a single session of face-slapping costs $350, which apparently uses Thai wisdom to bring out your own beauty that is 100% chemical free. The slapping apparently reduces wrinkles and firm up skin. But they also warn that each individual’s skin reacts differently.


We don’t know about you, but some of the treatments out there are a bit extreme! Fish eating at your toes, and snakes up your back definitely doesn’t seem relaxing. Rather opt for one of Zorgvliet Spa’s soothing spa treatments, without all the creepy crawlies… Choose from uplifting facials, relaxing massages, pampering manis and pedis, reflexology and slimming treatments.

Zorgvliet Spa at Maccauvlei on Vaal ~ 016 420 2294

Zorgvliet Spa at Riviera on Vaal ~ 016 420 1314


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