Are you looking for a non-profit organisation to support?

It is almost a new year and part of getting ready for a new year is to have a look at what we can do differently. Is getting involved with a local non-profit organisation part of your New Year’s resolutions?

Matt's Foundation

Matt’s Foundation

Matt’s Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in the Vaal Triangle, might just be your answer! Helping underprivileged children in the Vaal community through giving circles and fund raisers, Matt’s supplies children with the basic needs like clothes, food and medical supplies. In order to be able to provide these children with the basic needs, Matt’s Foundation is dependent on sponsorships, donations and volunteers from companies and individuals. Matt’s hosts two annual events to raise funds: a Matt’s Foundation Golf Day and the well known Potjie Day and Garage Sale. All funds raised on these days are used to buy what the children may need, and also to spoil them with Christmas presents at the end of the year.

Become part of Matt’s Foundation and experience the gift of giving. For more information, contact Ilza-Louise on 016 420 2245 or


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