Keep kids busy on rainy days this Festive Season

Going away for the holidays is great fun! But when the weather turns out to be a little rainy, youngsters tend to get irritable which frustrates parents and spoils the mood completely. Therefore, here are a few holiday craft ideas that should keep kids busy on the rainy days and which are not too difficult to pack:

Build a reindeer:

The Festive Season usually goes hand in hand with some wining and dining. Save the wine corks and have the kids build their own reindeer or other animals that reminds them of Christmas.

Paint a picture:

Take along some printables for your kids. Print a few Christmas themed pages from pinterest (have a look here: PRINTABLES) and pack a few crayons for the rainy days.

Tell a story:

Be ready with finger puppets (have your kids choose characters you can make before your trip) and take them with for indoor holiday concerts for the family! Have your kids create their own stories – this could be a great way to teach them about the story of Christmas.

For more ideas to keep kids busy this holiday, visit the Riviera on Vaal’s kiddies corner on Pinterest.

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