How to take non-cliché holiday photos

Taking non-cliche holiday photos

Taking non-cliche holiday photos

Many professional photographers argue that packing your camera for holiday is a bad idea. Their arguments are that it prevents you from observing and enjoying the moment. They also argue that most tourists tend to take the same cliché photos over and over again, like holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa or kissing the Sphinx. Still, photos are memories and with the Riviera on Vaal group’s brand promise being all about special experiences, we beg to differ. But how do you take holiday photos that are not cliché? Here are some tips from landscape photographer, Charlie Waite:

  • Choose your subject before taking the photo. Perception, rather than a high-quality camera, is the key to good photography.
  • Take note of your camera’s digital composition. If you want the photograph to work you will need to make sure that the camera is on the correct setting. It’s not just about reaching for your camera and pushing a button.
  • Keep colours in mind and take advantage of factors like weather conditions – after a bit of rain, the skies are cleared and colours will appear more vivid and alive.
  • Remember that photos are a kaleidoscope of memories. Before taking photos, think about what you would like to see in the album a year later. Photos are tangible evidence to you and your friends of where you went and with whom.
  • Rather take photos of the obscure market or the restaurant you visited than a monument that has no meaning to you. It’s about the memories at specific places rather than photos of ten different monuments.

So go ahead and pack your camera for the holiday. Just remember to take photos that will add to the kaleidoscope of memories. Take a photo of your kids with the Riviera on Vaal and Maccauvlei on Vaal’s mascots, Murphy and Rusty. Capture your son’s first golf swing on camera at the Riviera on Vaal golf course or your daughter’s first spa experience at Zorgvliet Spa. Don’t just take a photo of another beautiful sunset over the Vaal River – use it as a backdrop when photographing your partner with a Matthews Terrace cocktail in hand. It’s all about the memories within the moment.

Happy holidays and happy photographing!


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