Plan you wedding in just 3 weeks!

bride_computer1-1024x685Need to plan a wedding in just 3 weeks? Impossible, some would say. But not if you follow these efficient steps! We’ll have your wedding planned before you can say ‘wedding cake’! A few tips before we start: Keep your computer with you at all times if possible, this will enable you to be in contact with your suppliers at any given moment. Draw up a mini progress or to do sheet, and tick things off as you get them done. Also work by a rule of three: Pick three venues to visit, get three quotes etc. So let’s get to it!

Step 1: Confirm your venue! This might be the most daunting and time consuming task of all, as most luxurious wedding venues are booked well in advance. If you don’t succeed in booking a traditional venue, consider an alternative like a hotel, restaurant, river cruiser, botanical garden, nursery, national park or even someone’s backyard you may know of. Skip the back and forth emailing and phone them for availability to save time. If the venue excludes catering, booking a caterer is your next important step.

Step 2: Get the invites out! Have this done by day 3. An electronic invite could be a great alternative to a traditional invite. If emailed, the response time is also a lot quicker. Take note of when your venue requires the final figures, and plan your RSVP date accordingly.

Step 3: Who to book? You will need to confirm with the following suppliers (remembering your rule of three):

1) Photographer;

2) Marriage official (priest, pastor, rabbi etc.);

3) DJ or live entertainment;

4) Cake supplier

Step 4: Paperwork! Contact a lawyer and get the ball rolling regarding your marriage contract. This might take a few days.

Step 5: The theme and wedding party. Choose a theme or colour scheme for your wedding. Decide on your wedding party, and arrange a day to go shopping for dresses and suits, as there won’t be time for tailor-made outfits!

Step 6: Your attire! Buy or rent a ready made dress off the shelf, and have it altered if necessary. Another option is borrowing a friend or family member’s dress. Hubby-to-be can also buy a good looking suit without any hassles.

Step 7: Flowers: Visit a florist and arrange the flowers for the following if necessary: your bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, center pieces, corsages.

Step 8: Wedding extras! Decide on and purchase these necessary wedding extras: guest favors, table decorations, extra décor, garter and wedding accessories, gifts for wedding party and guest book.

Maccauvlei on Vaal ~ A country wedding venue in the Vaal Triangle, assisting with all your wedding needs!

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