Why golf is the perfect family outing

Did you know that golf is sometimes also referred to as links? The dictionary refers to a link as a bond or a tie – like family. Even though golf is referred to as links in the plural form, it still makes you wonder: Is golf not the perfect opportunity to build those family bonds that are so easily neglected?

Golf - the perfect family outing

Golf – the perfect family outing

We say yes, definitely! And here are a few reasons why we think golf is the perfect family outing:

  • Fresh air is good for anyone. Sharing fresh air with your loved ones is so much better.
  • Walking in the open air and getting some exercise at the same time also relieves stress.
  • With golf being a tactical sport, your family will be able to learn more about each other’s talents, patience and competitiveness.
  • Golf assists in developing a sense of community, which means your family bonds will only grow stronger.
  • Kids can learn the importance of team sport, but also the essence of self motivation and friendly competition.
  • Golf improves concentration. Golfers learn how to focus on the shot they have coming up and they need to concentrate on the fundamentals of their swing. Golf therefore teaches a person to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Golf gives participants time to discuss life issues even as the golfer thinks about the next swing.
  • Golf is a friendly game and gives players the chance to enjoy each other’s company while competing.

So…are you planning to hit the links soon? Bring your family along to the Riviera on Vaal Country Club and build your bonds while meandering the golf course edged with the beautiful Vaal River.

Make a weekend of it and stay at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel. Here you will be able to bond with your family even further with on-site restaurants, Zorgvliet Spa, Murphy’s Clubhouse, a swimming pool and kiddies’ turndowns being some of the excitement to look forward to.

Visit www.rivieraonvaal.co.za for more information.


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