Wines that keep you healthy

It’s been said that red wine is good for the heart. They also say a glass of wine per day keeps the doctor away. Clearly there are certain wines that keep you healthy.

Wines that keep you healthy

Wines that keep you healthy

According to recent studies red wine might not necessarily be healthier than beer, white wine or liquor when it comes to your heart’s health, but it still consists of certain qualities that are said to protect your heart. Studies have also shown that a little alcohol can boost brain activity, so why not enjoy a moderate helping of wine for your health each day?

Some interesting wines that might keep you healthy include:

Rose Wine

–          Improved cardiovascular health

–          Potent antioxidants

–          Increase of HDL

Ginger wine

–          Helps control diarrhea

–          Fights flu

Elderberry Wine

–          Boosts the immune system

–          Directly inhibits the influenza virus

Blackberry Wine

–          Cancer and free radical protection


–          Protects against Alzheimer’s Disease

–          Protects against Prostate Cancer

(Keep in mind that Port is higher in sugars and alcohol and therefore it might not be your healthiest choice of red wine).

Even though no research has been able to confirm that wine is the magic bullet for disease, we can still utilize alcohol in the healthiest ways possible. Here are some tips on how to use wine in a healthy manner:

  • Use alcohol in moderation.
  • Preferably use alcohol or wine coupled with a meal, as alcohol can stimulate appetite. Book a table at Matthews Restaurant at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and eat (and drink) your heart to better health.
  • You can increase your “good” cholesterol (HDL) with the moderate use of alcohol, which means you will be lowering your risks of heart disease.

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