Favourable favours: Ideas to fit your pocket

Deciding on your wedding favours is usually a fun part amidst all the serious wedding planning and arrangements. It can also be extremely pricey, which isn’t a problem if your budget allows it… but for those brides-to-be who would rather cut on the cost of their wedding favours, these ideas are for you. Just because you have a limited budget, doesn’t mean your wedding favours can’t be creative and special.


Wedding favour: Fresh herbs

Watch your love grow with fresh herbs ~

This idea has so much potential and options, and is suitable for just about any wedding! Not only are the adorably cute, but they are also eco-friendly! Choose your favourite pot, add some lace or ribbon, colour-code it to your wedding, add name tags, flags or labels… the possibilities are endless! Months before your wedding? Why not plant and grow them yourself!


Wedding favour: Vintage jars

Vintage  jars ~

Spread the love with cute jars filled with anything from candy to your favourite jam. Better yet – do you have a grandma or aunt that can make and bottle her own jam? Why not ask them to help with these wedding favours! Once again, choose your favourite bottle, add fabric or lace that features in your wedding décor and theme, and print your own label.


Wedding favour: Cookies

Freshly baked cookies ~

Cookies are a timeless gift when it comes to wedding favours. Easy enough to make yourself, cookies can be made in any shape you desire – from heart shapes to star shapes and even mini wedding cake shapes. Find a cookie cutter you love, and you’re sorted! Choose an easy, yet tasty recipe (traditional sugar cookies are always popular) and get baking!


Wedding favour: Compilation CD

Compilation CD ~

A great idea for a favour is compiling your own CD with your favourite songs. Get the groom-to-be involved and choose songs together – this way, it won’t end up being too girly, but should have a good balance of popular songs (that is if you trust your fiancé’s taste in music). Design a cute label and case for the CD so that your wedding will be forever remembered.


Wedding favour: Take away cake

Takeaway cake ~

Wedding cake often gets left behind at weddings, especially after a three course meal including dessert. Instead of wasting your expensive and tasty cake, have takeaway boxes for your guests to take home a slice of your wedding cake. These are budget friendly and can be tailor-made to suit your wedding theme.

Maccauvlei on Vaal – We’re happy to assist with your wedding needs! Call us if you are interested in booking your dream wedding at our lovely venue ~ 016 420 2000.

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