Conferencing tips ~ Keep it interesting

imagesIf you’re not a very good public speaker, one of the most dreaded things is having to present at a conference. Don’t stress, impress! Instead of letting your audience fall asleep or have their minds wandering about what they’ll have to eat during the tea break, rather keep them interested and engaged in what you have to say – the keyword here being, engaged. Also, by keeping it casual, you will automatically feel more at ease.

When delegates are actively participating in your presentation, they will automatically pay more attention to what they are being told. Here are a few ideas about how to engage with your audience.

  • Audience polls: There are numerous applications available for real-time audience polling to be used from a mobile phone. Most of these apps have short URL links or QR codes which you can share with the audience, and they can vote instantly. They are also anonymous, and assist when asking yes or no questions, avoiding the raise of hands by delegates.
  • Keep them cozy: Another option is to arrange a more casual and comfortable conference by having couches, coffee tables and snacks during the tea breaks. This is perfect for socialising during the breaks and getting to know your delegates.
  • Twitter: Have delegates engage on Twitter by using certain hashtags. This can be used for questions and topic discussions. By having a live Twitter feed on screen, all the delegates can give input, ask questions and be able to participate in the discussion.
  • Activities & questions: Use practical examples by talking about well-known companies or brands. Ask relevant questions to get your delegates engaged and talking. By starting an informal debate about a certain subject, asking for opinions, experiences and their thoughts, you will keep your audience interested.
  • Teambuilding: If this is an internal conference for your company, why not include a teambuilding before or after the actual conference. This is a great way to loosen the spirits and get to know one another. Maccauvlei on Vaal, a country conference venue in the Vaal, offers the ideal conference lodging as well as teambuilding facilities for these types of events and conferences.

There are a variety of corporate function rooms to choose from at Maccauvlei on Vaal, varying in size depending on what you require for your event. Each of the eight corporate function venues come with an adjoining syndicate room and is fully equipped with the necessary conference amenities. The on-site auditorium offers a special treat for larger groups – it’s perfect for big presentations, viewing special performances or laid back events such as watching a movie.

Contact Maccauvlei on Vaal  on 016 420 2000 or for a quote to book your conference – you will not be disappointed!

Maccauvlei on Vaal – Assisting with your conferencing ideas and needs!


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