Suggestions for entertainment on your year-end function

So…before you buy that new company car, think about this year’s year-end function and consider what your employees will see as the priority. Do they need some recognition for the year’s hard work? A pat on the back for their loyalty to your company?

Here are a few suggestions for entertainment at your year-end function:

Year-end function entertainment

Year-end function entertainment

  • For the more formal year-end function, a jazz band or a quartet is ideal. Have a look at 3Sixty Jazz Band, based in the Vaal Triangle here: 3Sixty Jazz Band.
  • For more upbeat entertainment that will lighten the mood (especially for large companies where all the employees don’t even know each other) young energetic entertainers like the Riviera on Vaal’s regular entertainers, Lloyd & Bruno or Spanglish, are suggested.
  • For companies who can afford to spend a little more, CH2, is a very talented guitar duo sure to have your jaws drop to the floor! They have toured to the Vaal once or twice this year and we’re sure they would do it again.

Book your year-end function entertainment before it’s too late! Need any assistance? Contact the Riviera on Vaal Hotel & Country Club on 016 420 1300 or


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