Wonderful things about spring weddings

When thinking of springtime, there are so many beautiful things that come to mind. The first, of course, being blossoms! Blossoms always bring a feeling of freshness and new beginnings – a feeling that is perfect when created for your wedding day. By incorporating blossoms into your spring weddings, there are endless possibilities from wreaths to cake decorations – making your special day a memorable one.


Blossoms wedding cake

But fruit blossoms aren’t your only option of course! Spring brings forth a wide range of different flowers in any colour you can think of! Adding some flowers to your flower girl’s headpiece will definitely bring that special touch to your spring wedding ceremony. Popular wedding flowers include roses, irises, lilies, tulips and gardenias.


Flower girl with floral head piece

Outdoor weddings are always lovely, especially in the springtime. Sunny day out? Provide your guests and bridesmaids with a few inexpensive paper parasols – they will make the prettiest photographs! Use all white parasols for the guests, and light colours for the bridesmaids which suit their dresses.


Wedding parasols

Can’t decide on flowers for your table arrangements? Why not skip it all together and have a cupcake flower arrangement and glass pots with treats on each table. The guests will absolutely love this (we’ve noticed guests love anything edible…), and once again, these can be made in any colour to suit your wedding theme.


Cupcake table bouquet

Which brings us to our last spring wedding idea – the food and beverages! Fruit skewers are always delicious and a great ideas for pre-reception drinks while you’re busy with your photographs – just make sure they are served fresh! Alternatively, you could have frozen fruit skewers with grapes and a variety of berries.

Cocktails are very popular for spring and summer weddings, as they look so refreshing. You could even match these to your wedding colours! Just remember to have a non-alcoholic option as well.


Frozen fruit skewers


Wedding cocktails

For more wedding ideas, visit Maccauvlei on Vaal on Pinterest! We hope you’ve found these ideas useful, happy planning ladies!

Maccauvlei on Vaal – We’re happy to assist with your wedding needs! Call us if you are interested in booking your dream wedding at our lovely venue.


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