Three guides for choosing your wedding venue

Choosing the best venue for your wedding is an important part of your wedding planning. This is where you will celebrate a significant milestone in your life and the first thing your guests will see on your wedding day. Make sure the wedding venue you choose answers all the points that will help you choose the best possible option to host your wedding.

Choosing your wedding venue

Choosing your wedding venue

Your wedding theme

First decide what kind of look you’re going for: the kind of style you want for your wedding and the colours you’re going to use and the overall theme. Once that’s decided, you can start searching for wedding venues that suit your wedding theme or style.

The size of your wedding

How big do you want your dream wedding to be? Have you always wanted a huge wedding with everyone you know present? Or do you want a more intimate affair with only your nearest and dearest attending? The size of your wedding will help you narrow down your wedding venue selection. For big weddings you will look at country club and hotel wedding venues and for a more intimate or small wedding a restaurant or even a floating restaurant would be the perfect setting.

Your wedding budget

Perhaps one point that can sober your wedding dreams in one fell swoop – the dreaded BUDGET. What kind of wedding can you really afford? Work out the numbers and see what you’re willing to spend. You can opt to splash out on your wedding venue and cut back on drinks or decorations. Discuss ideas on how you can get what you really want and how to get around any challenges. Remember to also look at the option of having your wedding in off-peak seasons. That decision alone can shave your wedding venue expense quite a lot. Explore DIY options; what can you do yourself – wedding decorations, invitations, favours etc.


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