What’s on the menu for your wedding?

Deciding on what to serve for your wedding is an important feat. There are great wedding menu trends you can try out for a great dining experience on your wedding. Spoil your guests with delicious food while taking care of the different dietary requirements like catering for vegetarians and picky eaters. Also make sure that your menu resonates with your wedding theme and taste – serve food you love and enjoy.

Wedding menu trends to sample:

Food Bars

food bars

food bars

Skip the traditional sit-down menu and choose a buffet or food bar set-up. Choose something like a pasta bar which is a popular item at wedding receptions. Your guests take a dish of pasta and top it with a selection of offerings. Most pasta bars have bowls of fried bacon pieces, chives, shredded cheddar and sour cream. Macaroni and cheese bars are equally popular and follow the same pattern of guests creating their own spin on the popular dish. Salad bars will also appeal to you if you’re a modern bride – these are also ideal for vegetarian guests. The bars contain staples, but also include gourmet items like artichoke hearts and feta cheese.

Honeymoon-themed Menu

honeymoon-themed menu

honeymoon-themed menu

Another catchy trend is to have a wedding reception that serves local dishes from your honeymoon destination. If you’re honeymooning in Hawaii, a roast pig, poi, and other Polynesian dishes will give your guests a sneak peek into your honeymoon experience. For a Jamaican honeymoon, curries, jerk chicken, Blue Mountain coffee and coconut milk ice cream are excellent options.

Late-night Snacks

late night snack

late night snack

After a night of drinking and dancing, you don’t want your guests going home on an empty stomach. Surprise your guests with a late night snack. Serve finger foods, such as newspaper wrapped portions of fish and chips. Dishes heavier on starches help absorb some of the alcohol. Other popular late night snacks include wood-grilled pizzas and sliders.

 Dessert Bars

dessert bar

dessert bar

With professional wedding cakes being expensive, you can toss out the notion of a multi-tiered cake. Instead, opt for a dessert bar. Serve rich brownies, cannolis, cream puffs, petit fours, and pound cake for your dessert bar. Your chocoholic guests will enjoy truffles or individual chocolate tortes.

Would you like to include one of these wedding menu trends in your wedding? Riviera on Vaal Hotel & Country Club will assist you with making your wedding day a dream come true. Contact the Hotel on 016 420 1300 or reservations@rivieraonvaal.co.za.


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