Travel tips for travelling with kids

Travelling with kids is easy when you prepare, prepare and prepare! You can go anywhere with your kids if you just follow these easy travel tips for travelling with kids.



    1. Make your bookings ahead of time – secure your accommodation and purchase your travel tickets on time. Don’t try to be spontaneous, it will do you no good if you arrive and you have no room to sleep or no tickets for transport.
    2. Pack for the weather – pack wisely keeping in mind all the possible weather changes. Properly dressed kids equal happy and comfortable kids.
    3. Entertain your kids – don’t pack the whole toy supply but make sure you do plan for in-the-car or on-the-plane entertainment. Apps and games on your phone or tablets make for easy carrying.
    4. Don’t bribe them with sweets – avoid a sugar rush by all means and provide healthy snacks like trail mix, granola bars, fresh fruit or yoghurt.
    5. Compile a mini first aid kit for travel – kids always seem to get ill on holiday so be prepared with plasters, antihistamines, painkilling syrup, antiseptic wipes, plasters, sting treatment, a thermometer and any other required medicine you need to take for travelling to certain parts of the world.
    6. Use public transport – kids get excited travelling on modes of transport they’re not used to like trains, planes and buses. You can also keep a good look at your brood when not in the driver’s seat.
    7. Keep a travel journal – provide each child with a disposable camera for the holiday to chronicle what they see. Get them to draw and list things they’ve seen and interesting foods they’ve tried.
    8. Make sure all travel documents are updated – check expiry dates on passports and make sure all is up to date.
    9. Create a child friendly itinerary – ensure that your sight-seeing schedule involves and interests the kids. Hotels usually have special kids’ programmes in this regard like the Riviera on Vaal’s Murphy Clubhouse and Maccauvlei on Vaal’s playroom. Be sure to enquire about what’s on offer.
    10. Involve the kids in your planning – you might overlook something that is important to them.


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