Matt’s Foundation’s #67minutes with disadvantaged children in the Vaal

Matt's Foundation Mandela Day 2013

Matt’s Foundation Mandela Day 2013

During this year’s Mandela Day, Matt’s Foundation will be spreading the legacy of the South African icon through story telling sessions with children in the Vaal charities that the organisation supports. Story telling resonates with the culture of all South African traditions, Mandela himself being a great story teller with a lot to teach the country’s youth. The organisation seeks to impart knowledge about Mandela, teaching the next generation about the sacrifices that the former President made to ensure their future.

Matt’s Foundation will enlist the help of employees from the Riviera on Vaal Group including establishments such as the Riviera on Vaal Hotel & Country Club, MV Communications and Maccauvlei on Vaal. Each staff member taking part will serve their #67minutes of making a difference through this initiative. This will also allow the staff to spend some time entertaining the children, spending valuable time with them and sharing in the heritage of Madiba.

Mandela Day is a special idea for the South African nation, especially Matt’s Foundation, as it teaches the values the organisation strongly believes in. Matt’s Foundation, like Mandela, is an advocate for helping disadvantaged children.

Contact Matt’s Foundation on 016 420 2245 or to find out more about the projects that the non-profit organisation is involved in.


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