Top 10 Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding tips

Wedding tips

  1. Communication. It is of utmost importance that the photographer communicates with the wedding couple during the shoot. As photographer, you need to know exactly what the wedding couple expects from you and they need to know exactly what you are able to deliver.
  2. Location scouting. Visit the venue at a similar time as when the wedding will be taking place. Get to know the area and identify potential problem areas.
  3. Know the rules. Many churches prohibit flashlights during the ceremony. Be sure to find out what the wedding venue’s rules are with regards to photographers. It is always good to get a copy of these rules in writing from the venue itself.
  4. Have a shot list for the wedding. Here is an example of wedding photos you might want to include in your list: Wedding shot list. 
  5. Make use of an assistant. It is always helpful to have another person taking photos from the other side. While you capture the bride’s smile, your assistant will be able to capture the groom’s face when she walks into the church.
  6. Keep the wedding couple relaxed. You will rarely find people who are comfortable in front of the camera. Photographer Lee Ann Norris suggests a pre-consult, where your subjects will be able to get to know you a little better. Let your clients know you and make them feel like friends. Tell your clients you are testing the light while you are actually capturing them while they are not aware of it. Many photographers have said that the photos they took without their clients noticing were some of their best shots.
  7. Shoot RAW. Due to the fact that there is much more data in AW files, you will be able to recover good exposure and details in an image that was shot in horrid lighting conditions with RAW rather than JPEG files.
  8. Keep the basics in mind. Wedding photography is not the time to learn or brush up on your skills. With these kinds of shoots you need to have the basics intact.
  9. Carry spares. Your photography kit needs to be well equipped with spares for the unexpected. Also consider packing a flash gun, reflectors, a lens cloth, a rain cover, a light weight tripod or monopod and enough memory.
  10. Shoot candids. Some of the most beautiful wedding shots are taken when the bride and groom are unaware of the lens pointing at them. Capture moments of spontaneity by blending in with the crowd. Look for moments of tenderness and moments where people are lost in their own thoughts.

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