Creative decorations for Easter

With Easter on the way, it is only natural to think of two things at once. Christ’s resurrection and bunnies.

Many people in other countries see Easter as a salute to spring. However, Easter marks the first days of winter for us here in South Africa. Many South African families spend Easter in appreciation for Christ’s resurrection, making Him their Savior, which resembles new life with a whole new meaning than just spring. Spring, being a sign of re-birth, was the origin of Easter bunnies in the Northern Hemisphere and South Africans have also now adopted the Easter Bunny in addition to their religious celebrations of Christ’s resurrection.

Here are a few Easter Decorations to resemble your celebration of new life, whether it is the actual change of season or for more religious reasons:

Combine a wreath, which resembles a thorn crown worn by Jesus during the crucifixion with eggs which not only resembles the well known Easter Bunny’s eggs, but also new life.

Easter Decorations

Easter Decorations

Set the Easter table by folding napkins into bunny ears. See how to do that here: Click through for instructions on how to fold your napkins like bunny ears

Bunny ear napkin fold for Easter

Bunny ear napkin fold for Easter

You could also add the “written egg” below to the Easter table decorations to assist in explaining the reason for Easter to your children.

Written Easter Egg

Written Easter Egg

As white is a symbol of new life, why not lay your Easter table in white?

White Easter table decorations

White Easter table decorations

These are only a few creative decoration ideas to play around with. Lucky for us, bunnies are a very popular décor item for the home at the moment, so you won’t have much trouble adding them to your Easter decorations this year.

Happy Easter to all of Riviera on Vaal’s clients, friends and family. Enjoy this time with your loved ones and be thankful for new life!


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