Top 5 Themed Dinner Ideas

Fondue is another theme you could consider

Fondue is another theme you could consider

When last did you treat your friends to a themed dinner? Perhaps it’s time to dust off those candle holders and cooking pots and pick a theme.

Here are the RiverBlogger’s top 5 themed dinner ideas to assist you in picking the right theme:

  1. Choose your favourite movie and work around that as the theme. An example could be Eat, Pray, Love, which is a movie well known for its divine pastas. Or pick a book or a play that could inspire some more interesting ideas for your themed dinner party. An example could be Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In this story an apple plays a very important role. Use apples as your theme and serve apple cider or apple and cinnamon pie.
  2. Pick a historical era as a theme for your dinner. Think Flower Power with tie-dyed placemats and endless music choices. The Victorian Era and the Roman Empire could also inspire some great themed dinner ideas.
  3. Choose a colour and go with it. Colour themes are a very popular and fun way to make a meal unique and interesting. An example could be a Lemon and Lime evening which will result in green and yellow décor features and cocktails to die for!
  4. Go green. With environmental responsibility becoming the norm in our everyday lives, why not share your green ideas with friends and family through an exciting and unique themed dinner? Make a day of it and invite your friends to join you at the farmer’s market or a fresh food market the morning before to buy ingredients for dinner. Use fresh flowers from your own garden to decorate the table. Use cloth napkins and beeswax candles as part of the table decorations and fresh herbs from your own garden as part of the food preparations.
  5. Are you a fan of soup and wine? With autumn and winter dawning upon us, why not start thinking about a soup and wine themed dinner with close friends? Couple the soups with different kinds of breads and hummus and see how your guests enjoy the different textures and flavours.

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