Top 5: Exercise Holidays

Top 5 holiday exercises

Top 5 holiday exercises

According to The Guardian Newspaper the top 5 exercise holidays include the following:

  1. A cycling tour in Laos
  2. Running the Highlands of Scotland
  3. Pilates breaks in Sussex
  4. Walking Spas in the UK
  5. Army boot camp in Mallorca

So which of these exercises will you be able to incorporate into your holiday at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club? All you need to do is to think outside the box:

  • Bring along your cycling gear and have the Hotel staff assist you in planning a safe cycling route in the area. It is after all their responsibility to know the area well enough to be able to refer their guests to relevant local destinations. If you would like to attend an indoor cycling session, visit the Riviera on Vaal’s exercise room on the third floor or have them arrange a Virgin Active voucher for you.
  • Running the “Highlands” in Vereeniging is not a match to the Highlands in Scotland. Still there is the option of going hiking at the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve and if you really feel up to it you might just as well run parts of it.
  • Bring along your pilates matt and enjoy pilates sessions on your own in your spacious room at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel. Having a view across the Vaal River will make these pilates sessions much more worth your while.
  • Walking spas might be one of the easier exercises to incorporate into your visit at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club. Play a game of golf at the Riviera on Vaal Country Club and walk beside the Vaal River and then spoil yourself with a relaxing treatment at the onsite Zorgvliet Spa. Easy as pie.
  • If you really feel the need to take part in a boot camping session, book a team building at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club and ask Tapimanzi to arrange a boot camp team building session to get the blood (and the creative juices) pumping.

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