How to arrange a golf day

How to arrange a golf day

How to arrange a golf day

RiverBlogger has compiled a to do list on how to arrange a golf day at the Riviera on Vaal Country Club to make the process easier for you. Print the list and book your golf day soon!

  • The most important aspect is to finalize a date for the event, as the time of year and day of the week will determine the amount of players, as well as the time the golf day can start.
  • It is very important to find out the purpose of the event, for example, is it a charity day, a corporate day or a team building event. If the type of event is established, suggestions for a golf day format can be given, as some formats are much more time consuming and can take 5 – 6 hours to play.
  • For corporate golf days and charity events one will suggest a more simple format like an I.P.S. (Individual Stable ford) or B.B.S (Better ball Stable ford), as it is a quick format to play and you can put up to 140 players on the golf course.
  • If you are hosting a team building event, a format like American Scramble is suggested for the simple reason that all 4 players in the four ball play together as a team, and no strain is put on an individual player to perform, but the team can “carry “one another.
  • If the date and format is finalized, the time sheet is the next item of importance with regards to your arrangements for the golf day. This sheet allows the players to book their allotted times for the event (No players – No event). In the summer you can host 132 players, where in winter you can host up to 116 players, but this all depends at what time your event will start. Normal tee off will start at 11:00 until around 13:00, as the players will then finish in time for the prize giving, which normally starts at 18:00 in the clubhouse. It is also vital that the organizer understands that the onus is on them to fill the field, not the golf club or pro shop.
  • A playing fee structure will then be set in place, but the fee structure depends on what will be included in the golf day. This could include green fees, golf car hire, welcome drinks and snacks, halfway house and supper at the prize giving, but this will be determined by the budget of the organizers. The Food and Beverage manager is always consulted in this regard.
  • A contract with all these details as well as the rules and regulations is then signed and a non-refundable deposit is paid to secure the day. The balance is payable on the day or in certain cases when dealing with large institutions, 30 days in advance. The food and beverages are handled separately and is usually payable up front or on the day.
  • On the golf day, meet the client and sort out all the last minute things like the organizers’ chairs, tables and umbrellas, golf cars, chairs and tables on the sponsored holes where required, longest drive, closest to the pin and other boards, prize giving setup, starting the field where required and marshaling.  This always varies from client to client.
  • After the game the scorecards will normally be handed in at the Riviera on Vaal pro shop, where one of the committee members or pro shop staff will determine the winners down to last place.
  • The prize giving can be conducted by one of the event’s organizers or by one of the committee members if arranged with them in advance.

Want to book a golf day at the Riviera on Vaal Country Club? Contact them on 016 430 1380 or

Need someone to take care of the printing and designs of your golf day? Contact MV Communications on 016 455 6100 or email


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