How to arrange a conference

How to arrange a conference

How to arrange a conference

At the conference:

  • Be there well in time to be able to start registration and sort out any last minute issues.
  • Ensure that there is a spare projector available
  • After everyone is seated, be sure to highlight dinner times, pre-dinner drinks and where it will be served to the delegates.
  • If delegates are to check out prior to the end of the conference, ensure that there is storage space available for their luggage.
  • Be present at all social elements of the conference as well, acting as host / hostess and receiving feedback from the delegates.

After the conference:

  • Thank all speakers and the chairperson
  • Thank the delegates for attending and wish them a safe journey home
  • Hand out the conference attendance certificates and appraisal sheets
  • Settle the bill with the Hotel and thank them for their services

Back at the office:

  • When you are back in office, write a formal letter to all the speakers and the chairperson thanking them for their contribution in making the conference a success. Also enclose their fee and expense payments.
  • Formally thank all sponsors
  • Prepare a financial statement for the feedback meeting and keep this with the conference records.
  • Consider whether the conference should be repeated or not and start arranging next year’s conference.

See the previous blog post on how to arrange a conference here: How to arrange a conference

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