Top 5: Valentine’s Surprises

Valentine's at the Riviera on Vaal

Valentine’s at the Riviera on Vaal

What do you think are the top 5 Valentine’s Surprises? Let’s see what the countdown says:

5. Plan a romantic evening for two. (Consider treating her to a romantic dinner at Matthews Restaurant, or book a night’s stay complete with a romantic turndown at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel)

4. Revisit your first date (except if this is your first date…)

3. Be her slave for the day (You might just want to consider a good strategy here, as being a slave might include washing dishes and making the bed.)

2. Organize a romantic getaway (The Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club can definitely be of assistance here! Visit their romantic options here: Romance on Vaal)

1. Propose. Yup, that is definitely the number one Valentine’s surprise!

So, guys…the moral of the story: If you surprise your partner with one of these top 5 Valentine’s surprises, you are surely on the right track.


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