How to be the perfect maid of honour

Wouldn’t we all like to know how to be the perfect maid of honour? RivierBlogger has done some research on the matter and here are a few tips to help you to be the best maid of honour:

Source: via Renate on Pinterest

Maid of honour duties:

  • Scout wedding venues
  • Assist with wedding invitations
  • Explore floral and other decorative options
  • Help the bride decide on a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses
  • Encourage the bride to register for gifts, spread the word on where she is registered and answer any gift questions that may arise
  • Assist with the honeymoon planning
  • Help with seating chart details
  • Attend the cake tasting and make recommendations
  • Host the bridal shower
  • Host the bachelorette’s
  • Maintain time tables and assist in keeping things going
  • Attend the rehearsal dinner
  • Keep a list of all wedding gifts received

On the day…

  • Help the bride with her dress, hair, jewelry and wedding jitters
  • Check the last minute details
  • Act as messenger between the bride and groom
  • Hold and protect the groom’s ring
  • Hold the bride’s bouquet for the duration of the wedding ceremony
  • Be part of the receiving line at the reception or act as a greeter
  • Toast the bride and groom
  • Participate in the first dance

Other tips to be the best MOH:

  • Bring an emergency kit containing plasters, chapstick, lipstick, baby wipes, tissues, gum, needle and thread, nail file, nail polish, mini scissors.
  • Take pictures all the time
  • Be organized – make lists for yourself
  • Ask for help – that’s why there are bridesmaids
  • Involve the groom
  • Be honest – the bride is counting on you to tell her the truth when she asks you about anything
  • Be prepared

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