RiverBlogger reviews Inyama Grill House

RiverBlogger couldn’t resist the new menu that’s been launched at Inyama Grill House and took the first opportunity to try out their famous chili choc sauce. What a delight!

Best steak on Vaal

Enjoy the best steak on Vaal at Inyama Grill House

It was a rainy evening and the Vaal River looked mysterious from the inside. After booking a table outside for the evening, Inyama reserved a table next to one of the windows for the RiverBlogger after the rain had come. With a chef who knows his customers, Inyama already has an advantage. Not to mention the food!

With a medium grilled steak and more than enough chili choc sauce on the plate garnished with sautéed vegetables, the view across the Riviera on Vaal golf course and the Vaal River could not be more perfect. Coupled with a red wine from Le Pommier and background music, the dinner was definitely one to mention.

Many restaurants tend to forget that diners want to be able to talk to each other and many times the music and other noises are too loud which eventually causes guests to look for other restaurants. Inyama Grill House knows its customers and their expectations. RiverBlogger’s Inyama experience was one for the books: perfect atmosphere, great service and wonderful food.

For information on Inyama’s menu and their catering hours, visit www.inyamagrillhouse.co.za or call them on 016 430 1380.


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