Top 3: Detox Options

Detox options might come in handy after Christmas and New Year have passed and therefore RiverBlogger has come up with the top 3 detox options for this year. Brace yourselves!

Sweat therapy

Sweat therapy

Detox 1:

Sweat therapy – With the skin being the body’s largest organ, we not only cool down when we sweat, but we also get rid of excess toxins in our bodies. Therefore a sauna is one of the top detox options to choose. Exercising is an alternative to a sauna, which make this the next best option.

Visit Zorgvliet Spa for more information on their sauna options here: Zorgvliet Spa 

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage

Detox 2:

Lymphatic massage – This promotes lymph flow and helps move stagnant energy which stimulates the immune and nervous systems. Note that this type of massage should be avoided when you have a heart condition or if you are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy.

Detox 3:

Mud Therapy – Yes, I suppose playing in the mud will also do, but not many of us have that privilege. Therefore, you could always go for a full-body mud or clay-wrap. During this treatment negatively charged molecules draw the positively charged toxins out through the skin pores. This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women or claustrophobics. Visit Zorgvliet Spa for their popular Theravine Purifying Clay Wrap or the Theravine Recharging Clay Wrap.


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