In-flight exercises to reduce jet lag

What is jet lag?

Jet lag is the feeling of disorientation as a result of crossing time zones. Symptoms include fatigue and general tiredness, the inability to sleep at night, loss of concentration and drive, headaches and general depression.

How to reduce jet lag

How to reduce jet lag

Reduce jet lag by doing these in-flight exercises from ACE Fitness and make the best of your stay at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club from beginning to end:

Bent knee raises – raise a bent knee to hip height, hold for 2 seconds and lower while extending and repeat. Do this ten times per leg.

Quadriceps stretch – Bend your knee while supporting yourself and hold your ankle behind you. Rotate your ankle while in this position. Do ten repetitions of this exercise for each leg.

Single arm rotations – If there is enough space, extend your arm and move it in a circular pattern. Do ten of these movements per arm.

Shoulder stretch – Extend your arm across your chest while pulling it closer to your chest with the other arm. Hold each arm in this position for at least 15 seconds.

Shoulder shrugs – With your arms at your sides, roll your shoulders in large circular movements, both forward and backwards. Do ten repetitions with each shoulder.

Neck – Put your palms on your forehead and flex your neck forward against the resistance. Repeat this with your hands behind your head too. Hold both movements for 15 seconds.

Upper back stretch – Interlock your fingers with your arms stretched out in front of you. Bow your back with your palms facing inwards. Do this two times, holding it for 15 seconds.

Hamstrings – Extend your leg out in front of you with your heel on the ground. Bend the opposite leg up to the knee and grab your ankle. Bend your lower back while pulling towards your ankle. Hold this for at least 30 seconds per leg.

View some more tips on how to reduce jet lag here: How to reduce jet lag 


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