Romance made easy

Being romantic is not always that easy. That is why RiverBlogger has gathered some simple recipes that might help you onto the romantic route.

Riviera's recipes for easy romance

Riviera’s recipes for easy romance

  • Bake heart shaped cookies and write on them how much you love your partner. In this example one cookie says: “I love you more than…” and the rest of the cookies answer to that. See the example here: I love you this much cookies.
  • Bake heart shaped cinnamon rolls like these on Riviera on Vaal’s Pinterest page: Riviera Romance 
  • Find out how to bake a heart shaped cake here: How to bake heart shaped cakes.
  • Bring your partner breakfast in bed, but make sure that the bacon has been shaped into hearts this time. See how to make a “hearty breakfast” here: Hearty Breakfasts
  • Bake a cake with a heart in the centre. Visit Riviera Romance on Pinterest to see how.
  • Very easy: bake flapjacks or pancakes and cut heart shaped banana slices over it. How? Just cut a gap down the length of the banana, which will shape it into little hearts when cut into slices. See what a romantic breakfast plate you can create with that here: Romantic Breakfast Plate.

If you don’t feel up to it – bring your partner to the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club for a romantic picnic or treat yourselves to a romantic evening on Vaal with a dinner for two at Matthews Restaurant. Stay the night and enjoy a romantic turndown complete with champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries and rose petals. Contact the reservations team for details, email


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