Top 5: Kids Entertainment Ideas

Identified: The top 5 kids entertainment ideas for the upcoming summerholiday (can you believe it’s less than 10 weeks away!). RiverBlogger has been browsing the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club’s Pinterest boards to see which ideas would be ideal this summer and here is what was found.

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Aimee Herring speaks of staycations on and here are some of her ideas:

  1. Put up a campfire show in your backyard and make a music video from it. These days it is so easy to load videos onto YouTube – see how many hits the kids get for their staycation performance.
  2. Teach your kids to appreciate the small things by letting them observe insects in the garden. Let them recreate these insects by painting rocks or making antelopes.
  3. Cut a few pool noodles in half and blow up a few balloons. Put a laundry basket in the middle and see who can move the most balloons into the basket with their pool noodle. See more here.
  4. Create your own Twister game by spray painting coloured dots onto the lawn. This will keep kids busy for hours. (Just remember to give them sunscreen.)
  5. Enjoy showing your children the most amazing science experiments; from crystallization to walking on egg shells – the kids will stand in awe. Click through to great science experiments here.

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