Average Spend on Spa Treatments

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Do you know the average spend on spa treatments in South Africa?

According to statistics the average spend on spa treatments, including Swedish massages, head rubs, reflexology and body wraps, can reach up to R620.00 per service.

It is interesting to see how a healthier lifestyle has become an increased priority in many South Africans’ lives. The current buzz words in South Africa’s spa industry are “hands and feet” and “hot and cold”. Current buzz treatments:

Teen and family spa environments are an increasing trend in the spa industry, as well as culinary spa experiences like Zorgvliet Spa’s offerings of two course meals together with a spa treatment. Clearly people still spend on luxuries.

Other interesting facts on the average spend on spa treatments:

  • The average spa spenders are over 45 years of age, married, with children.
  • Even though more women than men spend money on spa treatments and products, the men who were surveyed by the International Spa Association did so more often.
  • The major reason for spa visits is to redeem gift certificates and this spend goes towards treatments like massage therapies, facial treatments, manicures, pedicures and hydrotherapy.

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