Top 3 Spa Trends in South Africa

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With summer approaching, the top 3 spa trends in South Africa will be peaking these coming months. But what are the current top spa trends in South Africa?

  1. Apparently healthy feet are the current top priority. With winter at its end, you want your feet to look neat for those pretty sandals. But, it goes beyond that: foot fitness classes, foot-focused med-spas, podiatrist overseen so-called “medi-pedis” and treatments specifically aimed at treating high heal pains are all the hype at the moment.
  2. Hot and cold contrast treatments. Spa “hotness” is not the top trend anymore. Even though saunas and hot stone massages have been designed to relax and detoxify the body, the second top trend proves to be cold treatments. Icy therapies are the way to go.
  3. In the spirit of the online cloud, e-spas should also be acknowledged in our top 3 spa trends. Facebook’s Spa Life from Clarins, with 480 000 monthly users, has spa fans competing to manage their flow of clients seeking treatments and redeeming points for Clarins products. Another game is the new mind-body game, Leela, which was designed by Deepak Chopra and it helps to relieve stress. Who would have thought spa games would fall under the top 3 spa trends?

Have you played Spa Life on Facebook yet?

Visit the Zorgvliet Spa at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club for foot scrubs, massages and more.


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