Riviera on Vaal’s Love Ferns

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Riviera on Vaal has its own love ferns. Do you remember the love fern that Andie gave Ben in the movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Well, Riviera on Vaal lost a few guys not too long ago and in return received a whole bunch of love ferns to take their place.

Riviera on Vaal Country Club joined forces with entrepreneurs from the local community and felled 4000 Eucalyptus trees from their golf course. These foreign trees were replaced with 300 indigenous trees, which are our love ferns.

Why “love ferns”? Well, these trees don’t soak up nearly as much water as the Eucalyptus trees and therefore they are a definite environmental blessing for the Riviera on Vaal golf course and its immediate environment. And then, in addition to that, look at all the different options these trees offer to the romantics amongst us:

  • Romantic picnic under a tree
  • Romantic sunset cruise, viewing the trees and the bird life in them next to the Vaal River
  • Romantic views of the green Vaal River banks from your room at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel
  • Romantic engagement dinners beneath the trees on the Riviera on Vaal golf course
  • Romantic fairy lit trees all over the golf course on your wedding
  • Romantic engagement pictures on Riviera on Vaal’s golf course with a green backdrop of trees

And there are many more options to think of if you let your creative mind climb trees for a while.

Riviera on Vaal’s love ferns not only add to the romance in the atmosphere, but also resemble the love shared here.


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