Be Romantic: Buy Flowers with Meaning

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Flowers with meaning could be so much more romantic than just a classic bunch of roses. Here are a few flower meanings for you to choose from for the next romantic flower encounter:

  • Camellias mean graciousness
  • White Chrysanthemums mean truth
  • Yellow Chrysanthemums resemble a secret admirer
  • Forget-me-nots indicate that she must remember you forever
  • Geraniums resemble comfort
  • Hibiscus and Orchids indicate delicate beauty
  • Jasmine resembles grace and elegance
  • Lilacs are the flowers to give to your first love
  • The Passion Flower means just what it says: Passion
  • Red roses are for passionate love. Give her pink roses for friendship.
  • Sunflowers indicate adoration
  • A red tulip is the flower that declares your love
  • A yellow tulip means that you are hopelessly in love
  • And a violet coloured tulip promises faithfulness

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