Getting engaged: On one knee or not?

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Getting engaged and wondering if you should get down on one knee or not?

Traditionally it has always been a way of showing servitude to your lady. Even though the gesture resembles many other ceremonial situations, there is no clear historical reason for why men get down on one knee when they propose.

Even though getting down on one knee might be romantic and more traditional, here are a few other ways to get down on one knee:

  • Light up her doorstep with candles for when she opens it she is surprised with a romantic view and a ring somewhere between the candles.
  • Propose at the airport on her arrival. Ask a few buddies to help you carry the words; you carry the question mark and an innocent look on your face. She will be stunned.
  • Take her to places that resemble love and propose to her amidst the backdrop of a monument that symbolizes your love for her.
  • Here’s a cool one: While scuba diving, hide the ring in a treasure chest and have her find it.
  • Make a rose petal trail from her door to you. Wait for her with a bottle of her favourite wine and the ring. You will make her day.
  • Take her to see her favourite band and have someone in charge ask for you. Ask her to marry you from the stage.
  • Helping her move? While helping to carry all those large and heavy boxes, add the small one on top and ask her to take it from you as it is becoming too heavy.

You could always incorporate the “getting down on one knee” ritual into these romantic proposals.

Romantic spots in Vereeniging:


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