5 Golf Etiquette Tips

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What is golf etiquette? I’ve often wondered about what rules apply on a golf course. Can I walk on the greens wearing any type of shoes? What shoes should I be wearing? I don’t know; I’m just the RiverBlogger.

So I Googled it and have thrown together a few tips that other non-golfers (like me) might find interesting:

  1. It seems like common sense to me, but just for in case: do not swing your golf club unless you know your fellow golfers are at a safe distance. Also, don’t hit the ball until you’re sure the group ahead of you is out of range. And yes, it is good golf etiquette to be quiet and stand still when someone else is playing. No cellphones!
  2. Maintain a good pace. Don’t make groups behind you wait for too long. The golfer who is “away” hits first. It could be agreed upon by all players to “ready play.” This means that if the golfer who is “away” is not ready to play, the ones that are ready to play may go ahead.
  3. Know your golf clubs and look after the course. You must know which clubs to use and you should repair your divots on the putting green. You are responsible for raking the sand bunkers to erase your footprints and ball damage.
  4. With regards to footwear: Golf shoes are not a necessity, but obviously high heels or your favourite pointy shoes would be tremendously uncomfortable and it might damage the golf course. It is advised that players wear shoes with a good “grip” which will prevent you from sliding during your golf swing.
  5. Walking on the greens? Well yes, off course you may – bit tricky to sink that putt otherwise. But, no carts are allowed on the greens, as their wheels might damage it.

So there you have it, a few basic golf etiquette tips to abide by when visiting the Riviera on Vaal golf course. I believe I’ve got some more research to do before I can approach golfing as my new hobby but learning about golf etiquette is certainly a good place to start.


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