Something Old, Something New

In the tradition of something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue, which items would you want to include on your wedding day?

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Here are a few options to choose from to add sentiment to your special day:

Something Old:

  • Use your grandmother’s lace gloves
  • Use an old purse to put your lip gloss in
  • If you don’t want to wear something old, why not use old, vintage chairs at the wedding reception?

Something New:

That’s usually the easy part at a wedding, as everything is new.

  • Use modern vases for the table decorations
  • Consider having a special new bracelet or earrings to wear
  • For the groom – why not have a proper new watch?

Something Borrowed:

  • Perhaps ask your sister to lend you her lip gloss (some sister’s luck for the wedding)
  • Borrow grandma’s pearls for the special day
  • Or have your mom tweak her veil a bit and borrow that for the occasion.

Something Blue:

This is where the fun starts!

  • Use lavender on your wedding tables and see how that brings beautiful hints of blue to your wedding.
  • Why not go all out and organize a blue car for the event?
  • A blue bouquet might also bring some balance – depending on your wedding theme.

For more ideas on new, old, borrowed and blue, visit Riviera on Vaal’s Pinterest site for Riviera’s Wedding Ideas.


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