Couples Spa – The way to go

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Bringing your other half with you for a romantic couple’s spa treatment is the way to go these days.

Zorgvliet Spa promotes couples packages, which include treatments like relaxing hydrotherapies, balancing or hydrating facials, an aromatherapy full body massage and even some champagne, strawberries and cream for that special occasion.

The spa has a Couples Indulgence Package, which includes a two course spa meal, as well as a sauna, hair and scalp treatment and a Swedish full body massage. The treatment lasts for at least three hours. Now isn’t that a romantic way to spend some quality couple time?

There is also a two hour couple’s spa package for newlyweds, which consists of a reflexology treatment, a couple’s hot stone full body massage and a scalp massage.

Zorgvliet Spa, just like the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club, promotes family, romance and special experiences for special people, and therefore a couple’s spa treatment could be just the way to go in our hurried lives. By taking an afternoon off from work for a relaxing couple’s spa treatment might just prevent you from visiting the psychiatrist for couple’s therapy.


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