Wrapping it up at Zorgvliet Spa

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Wrapping up your week at Zorgvliet Spa might just be the thing you are looking for. After running around with the kids and solving problems at work, why not check in at Zorgvliet Spa for a refreshing Wrap treatment?

Wrap treatments were originally done by wrapping Ace bandages or plastic wraps around the body for quick weight loss through vasodilation. Today’s spas wrap you with body masks to keep you warm for 20 minutes, after which it’s rinsed off. It’s mainly detox treatments, relieving your body from toxins. The treatments end with a lotion that’s gently applied, rather than massaged, onto the skin.

The rinsing off process is very refreshing and usually takes place in a wet room, equipped with a shower where you rinse off the scrub and other body oils.

Keep in mind:

  • A body wrap is not a massage.
  • If you have claustrophobia, this treatment might not be such a good idea.
  • You might be left alone during the treatment. If you prefer to have someone in the room at all times, consider requesting a scalp massage during the twenty minutes of being wrapped.

Zorgvliet Spa Wraps:

  • Theravine Purifying Clay Wrap
  • Theravine Purifying Gel Wrap
  • Theravine Contouring Gel Wrap
  • Theravine Firming Gel Wrap
  • Theravine Recharging Clay Wrap
  • Grape Seed Exfoliation with Relaxing Body Oil and Vine Cream Wrap
  • Grape Seed Exfoliation with Slimming Body Oil and Gel Wrap
  • Exfoliation (Lime & Honey Scrub) with Detoxifying Oil and Purifying Clay Wrap

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