Celebrating aboard the Petit Verdot

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It’s always a mission to find a venue for celebrating, but with Riviera on Vaal’s Petit Verdot there’s no need to search any further.

The Petit Verdot is Riviera on Vaal’s floating restaurant. With this multipurpose restaurant, you not only have the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family, but you also get to see the beautiful backdrop the Riviera on Vaal Resort forms when you pull away from the river banks. This is a guaranteed special experience for special people.

What to expect from a celebration on board the Petit Verdot:

  • The experience of a memorable cruise aboard a floating restaurant
  • Delicious dining options to choose from when booking a cruise
  • Magnificent views along the Vaal River
  • A capacity of 70 guests for a sit down celebratory dinner
  • A capacity of 95 guests for a stand up cocktail celebration
  • An additional experience to your visit at the Riviera on Vaal Resort
  • From the moment you have been welcomed aboard the Petit Verdot you are guaranteed a smoothly organized event to remember.

Contact (http://www.rivieraonvaal.co.za/contact-us/) the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club for booking your celebration aboard the Petit Verdot.


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