Function Food Facts

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Ever attended a conference or a function at a hotel and felt that the food was not up to standard? In fact, you drove to KFC instead during the one hour break. Riviera on Vaal Hotel aims to meet your needs when it comes to function food and invites you to make special requests on the matter.

It seems that the typical food types served at conferences include the normal, high carbohydrate foods anddeep fat fried canapés. That’s great, and many hotels serve really fine samoosas, cocktail sausages and meatballs. Still – what about the ladies watching their figures? The vegetarians and the different religions requiring specially prepared foods? And even though the men (who were put on diets by their wives) would be glad for the break, what about them? Also, last but not least: what about brain food? You know? The food that adds some minutes or hours to your concentration span.

Today, people are much more aware of what they should or should not eat. Therefore, the Riviera on Vaal Hotel caters to your every need and provides you with a wider variety of different food types. Yes, they still have the traditional samoosas and meatballs, but they also serve mushrooms, fruit kebabs, and other foods to your liking.

The hotel also boasts with conference breaks with a difference, which include options such as:

  • The Riviera on Vaal Ice Cream Parlour
  • Spa Health Break
  • Cinema Break
  • Smoothy Break

Should you need more information on the above or about a function venue at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club, feel free to ask about the food that will be served at the gathering and state your requests so that the hotel can make your special experience even a better one.


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