Golfing Gear

Golfing gear for a game at the Riviera on Vaal Country Club

Golf at the Riviera on Vaal Hotel and Country Club

So you haven’t the faintest idea of what golfing gear to bring with you when coming to visit Riviera on Vaal’s Country Club. Don’t fear – the RiverBlogger’s near!

For the most part, Riviera on Vaal Country Club consists of members, even though we often host golf days, teambuilding pitch-and-putt events and other special experiences. Therefore, when it is your first time to visit Riviera on Vaal’s golf course, there is no need to feel incompetent, as we will give you all the information you need.

For now – what golfing gear should you be sure to have?

  1. Golf balls. You might need a few, as there is a river close by and you might just not be able to find your first or second shot again.
  2. Clubs. Golfers usually have quite a few clubs in their bag, but are only allowed to carry fourteen according to the ruled limit. There are three major types of clubs that golfers use. These include the woods, irons and putters. Woods are used for the long shots, irons for precision shots and the putters are basically just used to put the ball in the hole and are mainly used on the green.
  3. Ball markers. These are used on the green when your ball is in the opponents putting line, or if you want to clean your ball. It is usually a flat, small, round piece of plastic or metal.
  4. Tees. A tee is only allowed for the first stroke of each hole, and is basically just used to balance the ball on. Alternatively, a mound of sand could also be used for this function, but also only for the first stroke.
  5. Golf bag. There are many different types of golf bags, which include Sunday bags, stand bags, cart bags,staff bags and travel bags. Sunday bags are light and flexible, allowing the bag to be rolled up or folded. They also have only the basic storage pockets. Stand bags are reinforced and have retractable fold-outlegs for the bag to be securely placed on the turf. Cart bags are designed to be harnessed to a two-wheeled pull cart. Staff bags are the largest bags available. These bags are generally carried by the caddies and typically feature a shoulder strap and a large amount of storage space. Travel bags are heavily padded, with a padded clubhead cover, and they also consist of locks on the zippers and the bag cover. These bags are suitable for checked air luggage.
  6. Towels. Most golf bags have a ring to which a towel can be clipped for wiping hands and cleaning golf balls and club faces.
  7. Club head covers. For that extra personal touch, but also to protect your club heads from striking each other. These also assist in identifying different clubs from a glance.
  8. Ball mark repair tool. These are used to repair a depression on the green where the ball hit the ground on its approach shot. Also called a pitchfork.
  9. Gloves. These help to grip the club and it also prevents blistering.
  10. Shoes. Many golfers wear spiked golf shoes, but due to the damage to the greens from the spikes, many golf courses banned metal spikes and golfers are now only allowed to wear shoes with plastic spikes. These shoes are designed to increase traction, thus helping the player to keep his or her balance during the swing.

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